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Welcome to issue - solved

Thanks to the collaboration whith's engineers the issue has been solved. Logbook was not longer visible visiting in Google Chrome.

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Last QSO (more QSO...)
M0NPT RN5AA 12:03FT4 
IK8YFU EM30UCC 12:02FT4 
W4YBO WD8EOL 12:02FT8 
R2DD/3 PD1HPB 12:02FT8 
BG0BBB DJ5UE 12:02FT8 
EU1FQ EA9E 12:02FT8 
VK1JT N3NT 12:01FT8 
M0CHE AA5JF 12:01FT8 
S54KD SM7FDS/P 12:01LSB 
DXpeditions (last 3 days, more...)
Top users (last week)
DO8BYE Max distance94,731
IK4LZH Number of countries102
IK4LZH Numbers of QSO2,483
SP1HF Best QSL card5
SWL/13DPH206 Sum distance10,612,645
Contest (more info...)
CQ WW 160 Meter from Tomorrow 22:00
French HF championship from 22 Feb 06:00
HSC High Speed CW Contest (1') from 23 Feb 09:00
HSC High Speed CW Contest (2') from 23 Feb 15:00

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Welcome to OK1OK
oe6jve: oe6atd


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  • Queue size: 0

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